Thursday, 29 October 2009

Monoprint butterfly zine

£2 per booklet

individually hand drawn Monoprint butterfly illustrations bound together to produce a small collection of limited edition zines.

St Valentine Apple Books

Not for sale

A series of books based on the apple traditions associated with St valentine's Day, including twisting the stem and singing boys names, letting the peel fall into a letter shape and counting the seeds. Each book is made from a paper cast of a real apple with found materials to decorate.

Screen Print Faces

£4 per screen print

Screen print faces, further manipulated with collage, ink and text.

Pierrot illustration


Mixed media pierrot illustration.

Circus String Puppets

Photgraphic prints from £3
Paper puppets £12 each

Individual string puppets made from paper with wire joints. Decorated with found papers and cotton stitching. Originally used to illustrate a short poem.